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A new thing


Dear G.,

Here is a beginning. I hope you like him (the bird). I realise that I should probably go and study birds as mine tend to stray a little close to ‘free form’, but until I began drawing elsewhere than the margins of scholarly photocopies, I was able to get away with a lot (due to scale and to the fact that I wasn’t really going to be showing them off).

What did you and G(2) make for dinner tonight? I had baked salmon in soya sauce-honey-garlic-ginger-and-cranberries, with roasted and halved oblong-small-tomatoes (name escapes me) and roasted slices of yellow bell pepper. It was divine and included no pasta or equivalents (see page Lent for Advent). A success, I would say (and I may, as I was not the cook).

How did your concert go? Did you go all out in the end?

Raconte-moi un peu!


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Things from letters – 5


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Things from letters – 3


May I join in? How does it work?

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