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As promised – except not fish

Dear G.,

I…did not draw fish. I apologise. I drew more birds. Will you accept them, take them to your bosom and love them?





It took just one whiff and my heart started to dance madly: we went to get our Christmas tree! The potency of the scent…. I was instantly transported back to those lovely long-gone days when I was a little kid and wore mittens.

And I loved porridge. And Mary Poppins. And lychees.


How are you ma très chère A? I got back a while ago, am sitting here admiring the tannenbaum!

I hope to see you tomorrow.






Plan pour demain?

La Specola

Palazzo Pitti

Ah et puis…

 on peut toujours rêver non?…


Of course I want to go with you and be extra critical about il caffè-ristorante “””””””boulangerie”””””!


Souvent au-devant de nous

Chère A.

Certains jours, on sait pas pourquoi, on se lève le matin et on sent que tout n’est pas entièrement en ordre, que nos étagères mentales ont été un peu “dérangées”  – mais pourquoi? quand? comment? j’étais là pourtant, et j’ai rien vu!

C’était peut-être l’âme-oiseau?…

Souvent au-devant de nous
l’âme-oiseau s’élance;
c’est un ciel plus doux
qui déjà la balance,

pendant que nous marchons
sous des nuées épaisses.
Tout en peinant, profitons
de son ardente adresse.



Pour nous c’est un délice de t’avoir à la maison pendant quelques heures!

à tout à l’heure!




Another perfect part of Nature


Dear A.

It’s me again.

How will I ever be able to thank you?

I can’t decide whether it’s discovering sea slugs or  seeing La Bohème for the first time that’s more of an emotional aesthetic revelation to me.


perfect things

Dear A.

What an amazing sounding fish you had there!

Yesterday was a day I would rather forget; foodwise, workwise, anywhichwaywise.


The night before I fell in love. Completely and forever.

I saw La Bohème!

It is so perfect I feel as though it’s obvious it should exist, as part of Nature – like trees or sea slugs. Or those oblong tomatoes.




Artichaut pas chaud

One of the most significant changes that have taken place in my life since I’ve been here is that I now eat artichokes.

Not only do I eat them but I do so with so much enthusiasm it’s scary. I love looking at them and their infinite variations sur le même thème du vert-violet-jaune.

This week someone told me they were lovely raw as well.

Well, wasn’t that an interesting bit of news –  I mean, raw’s great isn’t it?! Do I or do I not have a major passion for sushi?!

I finally got round to a bit of raw artichoke tasting yesterday and yes, yes yes yes, it is lovely. And most of all IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!




My dear I do

My dear I do agree – most definitely – and in fact I do believe that we are indeed due a bit of Matisse now and then and if now and then should be 5pm, then my dear, I do…agree.

(please find above, some Pontormo for you)


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syndrome de Stendhal

Dear A.

What a lovely duck!

How funny that you should remind me of Stendhal and his syndrome… As I was walking home, a cloud of bubbles appeared, then came the man who blew them and then his little baby for whom they were destined.

The whole scene was just so gloriously beautiful and tender I felt I might cry.

Then I thought – “hey, isn’t that a kind of a more prosaic version of an attack of the Stendhal syndrome?”