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Ma chère,

Voici un dessin que j’ai trouvé en-ligne qui me plaît pour sa simplicité, pour son air, pour moi, d'”escape”, et surtout pour ses poissons.

Aujourd’hui j’ai dessiné. J’ai dessiné des yeux et un hibou autour, puis une branche pour ses pattes, et enfin un arbre pour son poids. Je le téléchargerai demain pour toi, puis je te dessinerai un poisson (à ma façon).

Ce n’est pas grand chose, mais pour une qui voudrait écrire, je me trouve stupidement timide face au clavier publique. À quoi bon mes belles paroles de motivation et de determination si je ne suis bon à rien face au grand défi?! Roh loh loh

Bon. Assez. Peut-être à demain après-midi? Il y a un déjeuner chez moi et je pense qu’on aura besoin de moi, mais dopo, se vuoi, mi chiami?

Bonne nuit, ma belle – Forza e coraggio!


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A new thing


Dear G.,

Here is a beginning. I hope you like him (the bird). I realise that I should probably go and study birds as mine tend to stray a little close to ‘free form’, but until I began drawing elsewhere than the margins of scholarly photocopies, I was able to get away with a lot (due to scale and to the fact that I wasn’t really going to be showing them off).

What did you and G(2) make for dinner tonight? I had baked salmon in soya sauce-honey-garlic-ginger-and-cranberries, with roasted and halved oblong-small-tomatoes (name escapes me) and roasted slices of yellow bell pepper. It was divine and included no pasta or equivalents (see page Lent for Advent). A success, I would say (and I may, as I was not the cook).

How did your concert go? Did you go all out in the end?

Raconte-moi un peu!


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Things from letters – 3


May I join in? How does it work?

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Une chose


I found an old notebook and found this doodle and it made me realise that I miss drawing. So I had a rummage to find my most recent drawings, took pictures, and then began a new one…although you will soon see that I am stuck on drawing pretty much one thing, with slight variations.


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